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B&A Chimney & Masonry Contractor conducts complete Chimney Repair as well as Chimney Restorations. We help keep Chimneys properly maintained so families can enjoy them safely and comfortably, fireplaces are a warm cozy spot to bring couples and families together, but they can be a hazardous if not properly maintained. Highly flammable and hazardous materials collect over time and cause home fire if not cleaned. Call us today for a free Long Island NY Chimney Inspection. Leave your Chimney Repairs to the Long Island NY Chimney Experts with over 20 years of Chimney Experience on Long Island doing Chimney Maintenance, Chimneys Leaks, Chimney Cleaning, New Chimneys, Chimney Re-Pointing, Chimney Crowns, Chimney Liners, Chimney Flashing, Chimney Caps & more.

For our same day Emergency Long Island Chimney Repair Service just call us at 1-855-766-3543. We will have a Long Island NY Chimney Repair Expert to your home the same day to determine the issue with your Chimney, Chimney Damage and then go over all the Chimney Repair options with you.

At B&A Affordable Home Improvements we follow in the footsteps of many in the Masonry Contractor trade, adhering to strict measurements that have been in existence for many years, as evidenced by some of the oldest homes and structures existing in and around the Long Island NY area. It is therefore wrong to talk of success in the masonry trade without giving credit to a Masonry Contractor who is at the center of their trade.  Simply put, a Masonry Contractor is a tradesman with vast experience in a number of building and construction techniques. We build and maintain structures using a variety of materials such as bluestone, brick, concrete and stucco.

One will usually engage a Masonry Contractor whenever expert construction work is required and professionalism need to be highly upheld. The task at hand might be as simple as repairing an old walkway, but the manner in which it is to be done is what defines the need for a Masonry Contractor. This is usually dictated by the scope of work, the time allocated on the project, the quality and the overall costs among other factors.

Choosing a Masonry Contractor can be a daunting task especially if one is not experienced in this trade. Many people make the mistake of going with a Masonry Contractor who places the lowest bid, and end up compromising on the project deliverables.

If you are a first timer, invest in B&A Affordable Home Improvements to get the best qualified Masonry Contractor for your job.

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